Preventative Medicine

Poor general health can quickly become one of the most costly problems in our lifetimes – both in quality of life and financially. Proactive medical care can help you avoid or manage many of the most common preventable diseases that we experience today. Through our extensive experience and the very best in medical technology, we are dedicated to offering our patients a comprehensive care program that identifies and treats risk factors that could lead to serious medical problems in the future. We also stock all preventative and travel vaccines to keep our patients healthy at home and abroad.

Diagnostic Services

We are proud to be one of the few offices in Los Angeles that can perform full x-rays, administer bone density scans and draw blood right here in the office. Inconvenience is one of the main reasons why patients do not seek the preventative medical care they need. By offering these diagnostic services in-office, we can help our patients avoid the wait times and potential additional costs of independent labs and diagnostic facilities.


It’s not only a broken bone that may require an x-ray. Many common conditions such as pneumonia or certain tumors may be visible with a simple x-ray. Our advanced x-ray technology allows for patients to be diagnosed right here in our office, and referrals to the appropriate specialists can be handled more quickly and effectively, implementing a plan of action sooner.

Bone Density Scanning

As we age, our bone density can drop, leading to the increased risk of bone fractures. This deterioration can ultimately manifest itself as osteoporosis and the significant pain that goes with it. Part of our preventative care protocols include scanning patients, especially those over 50, for the risks of low bone density and osteoporosis. With early detection, a plan to stop or reverse the bone mass loss can be implemented, often with great success.

For those already suffering from low bone density, a customized diet and exercise plan will be created to stem or reverse the loss, with the use of medication when needed. Regular check-ups and scans will plot the progression of the condition.

Complete Blood Work

Comprehensive blood tests are necessary to determine areas of concern. Blood tests can let us know if you are at increased risk of heart disease, point us toward the possibility of cancer, and let us know if you are experiencing any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Indeed, vitamin deficiencies such as Vitamin D are often undiagnosed, possibly leading to chronic health issues. Another underdiagnosed condition is low testosterone, which can affect many men over the age of 40, and can be detected quickly in a blood draw.

By drawing blood in-office, we are able to get the samples to the lab efficiently and get the results back to you in a shorter period of time.

Geriatric Medicine

Dr Raskin is an expert in dealing with the geriatric population. His kind and compassionate demeanor is reassuring to older patients, and he has the clinical experience to back that up. He is medical director of two local nursing homes in the Santa Monica area: Fireside Convalescent and Good Shepherd Nursing Home. He also sees many of the memory impaired patients at two local assisted living facilities, Bella Mar and Ocean Villa where they specialize in helping patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

He is also equipped to handle many geriatric issues in the office including vaccines and bone density tests, and has many resources available to help with any home needs such as home health and home physical therapy.

Dr Raskin is also medical director for Mid Valley Hospice, an outstanding and compassionate hospice dealing with end of life issues and comfort care.

Weight Loss Programs

With the staggering trends in obesity in the United States, a specialization in the treatment of excess weight has become an important part of our practice.

Dr. Raskin offers consultations specifically tailored to those patients suffering from obesity. A comprehensive weight loss plan, tailored to your individual circumstance, will be created and overseen by our office.