Concierge Medicine

Dr. Raskin is proud to offer an optional concierge service for those patients who wish to receive an additional level of care when visiting their internist. For an annual fee, the concierge program has limited membership and offers patients the following benefits among others:

  • After-hours direct phone number for Dr. Raskin
  • Same day office appointments
  • Extended office visits
  • A dedicated telephone line to the office
  • Coordinated referrals to medical specialists when needed
  • Extensive annual physical including complete blood work up, cardiovascular risk analysis, urinalysis, chest x-ray, body composition analysis and bone density scans
  • Nutritional consultations
  • Individualized preventative care and treatment plans
  • House calls for home-bound patients

We believe that our concierge program offers an exceptional value and we invite you to learn more about it. Please call our office to fully understand the benefits of the program and inquire about membership and availability.